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When you or a loved one is charged with a crime you need an experienced criminal defense attorney with the skill and integrity to fight for you. You need a fearless advocate that will not back down from the system. You need an attorney with a history of “not guilty” verdicts for his clients. You need an advocate that is dedicated to fight and win for you.

The Law Office of Patrick V. Parrotta is a boutique criminal defense firm located in Staten Island, New York. Our office represents clients in all five of the boroughs of New York City, New Jersey and the Federal Courts.

For twenty-five years, we have been assisting clients in need of representation by:

  • Guiding our clients through the proper assertions of their rights under applicable State and Federal law;
  • Protecting and Insulating our clients from law enforcement and investigating agencies by asserting their right to counsel and evoking their rights against self-incrimination;
  • Investigating all of the facts relating to any pending investigations; and
  • Representing and Litigating our clients and their rights in court and, ultimately, presenting their case to the Judge and Jury in order to win.

A lawyer needs skill, experience, and reliable relationships within the Criminal Justice system in order to be successful.

For any individual with actual or potential criminal litigation concerns, specialized attention matters.

Attorney Patrick V. Parrotta has been practicing as a criminal defense attorney since 1991 and represents clients as if they are his own family. Patrick V. Parrotta has built his practice based on the belief that individual service and personal relationships are the single greatest pillars of his profession.

If you are looking for a one-on-one lawyer, we can be reached twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week via our staff and our live operator answering service after office hours. Please contact the Law Office of Patrick V. Parrotta at 718-556-9800.

Clients with urgent criminal matters may call 718-556-9800 and ask to speak to Patrick Parrotta immediately.

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