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A property crime is any criminal offense that involves the destruction, damage, or theft of someone else's property. This can include a variety of crimes, ranging from petty offenses like criminal mischief or shoplifting to more serious offenses such as vandalism, arson, robbery, or burglary. The severity of the punishment for a property crime will depend on the specific crime that was committed, and can range from community service to imprisonment and fines.
If you have been arrested or indicted for a property crime in New York, it is important to seek legal representation from a skilled criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer can provide you with strong and dedicated legal support to help protect your rights and interests. A conviction for a property crime can have negative consequences on your future opportunities, such as employment, higher education, and access to public assistance. By engaging an experienced lawyer, you can increase your chances of a favorable outcome in your case.
The attorneys at the Law Offices of Patrick Parotta have extensive experience in criminal defense, including property crimes. Our team has served in municipal and county courts throughout New York and has gained a reputation for successfully developing defense strategies that minimize penalties for our clients. If you are facing property crime charges in New York, our team is well equipped to provide you with strong and dedicated legal representation.
If you have been charged with a property crime, our law firm is here to help you. We have assisted individuals and families from throughout New York who have found themselves in similar circumstances, and they have been glad they reached out to us because:
More than 30 years of combined experience defending individuals charged with weapons offenses in Staten Island
Ten N.Y. defense attorneys who focus exclusively on representing people accused of crimes
Certified criminal trial attorneys, indicating specialized training in criminal law litigation.
A successful track record that includes numerous criminal trials resulting in dismissals
In serious property crime cases, our firm is prepared to invest the necessary time, energy, and detailed planning into your defense in order to achieve a successful outcome.
24/7 availability to respond to your need for legal representation.
If you have been charged with a property crime in New York, it is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Our law firm is available to quickly provide you with the prompt response you need. We can work to secure your release from custody and meet with you at a location that is convenient for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for the legal assistance you need.
If you are in need of legal representation for a property crime charge in Staten Island, contact the Law Offices of Patrick Parotta to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. The choices you make at this time can have long-term consequences, so it is important to get answers to your questions and guidance on how to protect yourself. Our firm is available to meet with clients and their families during evenings and weekends. Call or fill out our online form now to take the first step in securing the legal support you need.
Common Types of Theft Cases Our Law Firm Handles
Our criminal defense attorneys have a diverse background that includes experience as prosecutors and public defenders in courts throughout New York. We have been involved in a variety of property crime cases and have a deep understanding of the laws governing these crimes as well as the realities of what occurs in court. This unique perspective allows us to provide strong legal representation for our clients.
Some of the types of property crime cases the Law Offices of Patrick Parotta can assist you with include:
Theft Crimes
Criminal Mischief
Multiple factors may determine the degree of crime charged for a property crime, such as the value of property involved.
Our Attorneys Can Help You Fight Property Crime Charges
A property crime is a type of offense that involves the violation of someone else's right to use, possess, or enjoy a piece of property, whether it be personal, real, or virtual. These crimes often involve the damage, destruction, or theft of property, but the victim is not typically physically harmed. However, in some cases, a property crime may be carried out using threats or physical force, such as in a strong-arm or armed robbery.
To obtain a conviction for a property crime, the prosecutor must be able to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, unless the accused pleads guilty. This means that the evidence against the accused must be strong enough to leave no reasonable doubt in the mind of the judge or jury about their guilt.
It is the right of all defendants to receive a strong legal defense that challenges the prosecution's case and works towards the best possible outcome. This right is protected by the Constitution.
Contact us as soon as possible after an arrest or indictment for a property crime in New York so we can:
Immediately secure your release for the lowest bail available or on your own recognizance, in some instances.
Begin our investigation into the charges against you, including obtaining statements from you and other witnesses and reviewing police reports and other evidence connected to the case. We will argue that disputable evidence be excluded from further proceedings.
Identify holes in the prosecution’s case, such as:
Illegal search and seizure
Illegal arrest
Failure to inform of Miranda rights
Unavailable witness
False or impeachable witness testimony
False or impeachable evidence
Bias (racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, etc.)
Other prosecutorial and/or police misconduct.
In some property crime cases, it may be possible to persuade the alleged victim to withdraw charges by offering to make restitution. Our attorneys and legal staff are skilled negotiators who are able to make such offers when appropriate and in a compassionate manner.
Our experienced defense attorneys have a track record of success in having property crime charges reduced or dismissed in New York courts, even without the need for a trial. When a trial is necessary, we work diligently to defend our clients and secure a not guilty verdict.
Our attorneys have earned the respect of prosecutors across Staten Island due to their decades of legal practice, enabling them to effectively negotiate deals for our clients through the strong working professional relationships they have established.
If you are facing property crime charges in New York, it is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Patrick Parotta is available to provide you with a free assessment of your case. Our legal team is ready to begin exploring ways to protect your rights and avoid a criminal conviction on your record. Don't hesitate to call us for the legal support you need.
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If you have been accused of a property crime such as vandalism, trespassing, shoplifting, or robbery in New York, it is important to exercise your right to remain silent and seek legal representation. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys are ready to provide you with the legal support you need. We will work promptly to develop a defense strategy that aims for the best possible resolution to your case. Do not hesitate to contact us for help.
If you have been charged with a property crime, it is important to take steps to protect yourself and avoid severe punishment and a permanent criminal record. Contact the Law Offices of Patrick Parotta at our Staten Island offices for a free legal consultation to discuss your charges and learn about your options. Do not risk the consequences of a lapse in judgment or a misunderstanding involving someone else's property. Get the legal support you need as soon as possible.
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