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Enterprise Corruption

Enterprise Corruption

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It was in this beginning phase of my career that I was lead counsel representing my clients in hundreds of pre-trial evidence suppression hearings and approximately fifty jury and non-jury trials. It was also an opportunity for me to begin establishing relationships with prosecutors, court attorneys, judges, court clerks and law enforcement personnel. These relationships in the New York City Criminal Courts aid me every day in my current practice in achieving the greatest results possible for my clients.

Even today, almost twenty-five years later, I could not imagine a better way to learn my trade. To handle thousands of criminal cases at such a young age and to gain courtroom skills, confidence, and contacts is the firmest foundation of my current criminal defense law practice. It is on this foundation that I started my own practice in 1994. It was with this experience, little money and no office or support staff that I had the youthful energy and moxie (some might call it hubris) to begin a private criminal law practice.

It might have been a little scary at first, as I was twenty eight years old and wasn’t sure of what lies ahead, but I did have confidence in several things. I knew that I had the legal ability and desire to represent clients zealously and successfully, and, with regard to building my law practice, I would make fair bargains with my clients and provide exceptional service that would help my practice to thrive and succeed.

Twenty years later, I am thankful that I built my law practice based on such a high level of personal service. Today, almost every new client that comes into my office begins our conversation with, “You represented my friend/neighbor/family member/co-worker/etc. and that’s why I’m here”. That puts a smile on my face and confirms that in the past my energy and focus has been well utilized.

In my private practice I have represented approximately 2,000 clients in the State Courts of New York and New Jersey and in the Federal Courts of the United States. I have won numerous “not guilty” verdicts for my clients at trial and also pre-trial dismissals of charges based on evidence and procedural issues.

My office is located in the Legal Arts Building at 1492 Victory Boulevard. Please contact my staff at 718-556-9800.

I am available for representation in all criminal matters in the State courts of New York, New Jersey and the Federal Courts.
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